What kind of trees do you have?
Tuscan varietals

How do you harvest?
We harvest by hand. No rakes, or shakers.

Are you organic?
We are organic but not certified.

Do you sell fresh olives?

Where can I buy your olive oils?
Online sales, on our website.

Can we come watch you harvest?
​We love it when friends and family help harvest paired with professionals.

When can we visit?
Early Summer and Fall, by appointment only.

Information About Olive Oil

What does Extra Virgin mean?
Pure healthful olive oil to the highest of standards set by the California Olive Oil Council  ( certified sensory and chemistry values.)

What should I be looking for when I taste olive oil?
Pleasing ​aroma, buttery, grassy, lingering bitterness, intense flavor with a peppery finish. 

What causes olive oil to go bad?
​Heat and light. Always buy EVOO in a dark colored bottle. Infused flavored olive oil such as lemon, orange, garlic.etc. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is no more..This is a slow get use to the rancid taste.

How long does olive oil keep and how should it be stored?
A high polyphenol EVOO can last 40 months or better, if stored properly. Pantry storage is fine.Only 2 year dating is permitted  by COOC.

Why are some oils cloudy, and some have sediment on the bottom?
Sediment might occur from not letting the oil settle long enough. Sometimes the olive oil might have been kept cold and a wax like sediment settles on the bottom of the bottle. Heating the bottle for a few minutes will dissolve the substance at approximately 105 degrees. Use your discretion. If there is actual sediment in the bottle there is a possibility the oil can become rancid in just a short period of time.  

Is extra virgin olive oil better than other grades of olive oil?
EVOO is the best olive oil in the world, milled to the highest standard. Other oils may not be healthful.

Why do some olive oils cost more than others?
High quality EVOO  requires more intense labor and handling from the tree to the mill. These costs must be passed on to the consumer.

How can I be sure that the oil I'm buying is actually extra virgin?
Sometimes it is impossible to know. In California, look for the COOC (California Olive Oil Council) certification seal on the front of the bottle for sensory and chemistry certification. YOU MUST read olive oil labels. Especially the fine print.