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As I watch our sheep grazing peacefully, I find myself reflecting about the wonderful year behind us and thinking with excitement what is ahead for the year 2012.
Olive oil competitions, state fairs, olive festivals and our farm being part of the olive growers industry in California.
This past year 2010-2011 we won two silver medals! One International and one Central Coast.  San Miguel Olive Farm produces quality extra virgin olive oil.
Our labels are informative for the consumer. We include acid level, peroxide value and harvest date. The acid level and peroxide value determine whether or not the oil is EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  As of October of 2011, California legislation has tightened the standards of the labeling of EVOO olive oil. Eventually we hope for truth in all labeling.
The acid level determines the quality. The peroxide value determines shelf life. The harvest date determines freshness of the oil. 
Our acid level (0.02) is extremely lower than the 0.5 standard set by the COOC (California Olive Oil Council). The IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) has a standard of 0.8. Our oil has excellent quality, it smokes at a much higher temperature when used in cooking, and the oil remains stable as it ages. The lower the numbers, the higher the quality.
A low peroxide value (7 mEq/Kg)in our young, fresh oil, suggests a longer shelf life. Both the COOC and IOOC have values of less than 20 mEq/Kg. The lower the number, the longer the shelf life.
Our grassy, herbal, slightly robust EVOO will be available February 2012.
We look forward to your first taste of our late harvest 2011 Tuscan EVOO.
Our supply is limited, so "first come, first served."
Email us at: info@smolivefarm.com
Richard and Myrna 
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