Benefits of High Polyphenol Olive Oil

Grassy Aroma, Buttery, Bitter with a crescendo of Peppery finish!

Polyphenols are abundant in EARLY HARVEST green olives both inside and outside. Sometimes the olives are dark on the outside and still green on the inside. The higher the phenols the more healthful the EVOO. These phenols are also helpful in boosting your immune system. Olive oils that are high in polyphenols may help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive issues, brain, obesity and many other common ailments that can be treated homeopathically. Fresh apples or cider may have high phenols as well. EVOO is without a doubt the best oil for your skin, hair, inside and on your body. 

The medical profession is recommending EVOO that is high in oleic acid,oleacanthal (polyphenols) for children with Autism, at a very early age. The findings are that oleic acid is soothing to the brain and enables the Dr. to work with more ease in helping the patient. We at San Miguel Olive Farm have been producing this type of EVOO since 2011. Great as an IMMUNE BOOSTER, especially in a time like this. Eating healthfully is one way to keep your resistance high. Low salt low sugar….two teaspoons of EVOO in the morning with yogurt or cereal.

High Polyphenols in olive oil are part of the bitter taste. (Oleic Acid) The more bitter the better, the more healthful. Polyphenols are at their highest strength when the olives are milled in an unripened state. Eating an olive off the tree is extremely bitter. The Mediterranean Diet has been proven to be the most healthful diet. Bitter oils have been used for thousands of years. The USA is realizing that these oils keep you healthy. In another 20 years, bitter oils will be the market. San Miguel Olive Farm is ahead of the game. Chemistry like this will tell you a lot. Very low FFA .02-.1 along with, very high total polyphenols 550-1000, will stabilize the oil and extend the shelf life.

This type of chemistry gives a 24-30 month shelf life, providing you keep it in a cool dark place. 

Labeling: Unfortunately most olive oil bottles DO NOT have very informative labeling. This problem is being corrected by the COOC and FDA and IOOC. At the present time, the greatest number of growers do not label correctly, or at all. There is no way to know what is in the bottle. We at San Miguel Olive Farm are firm believers in labeling. When the EVOO is certified by the California Olive Oil Council, this tells the consumer that the oil is extra virgin, but it does not give you the chemistry label on the bottle. California olive oil is some of the finest in the world. Consumers must read front and back labels.

The more information on the label, the higher quality the oil. Our back label has all of this information.

1. 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Harvest and Bottling Date

2.Nutritional Values

3.Full chemistry

4.Best By date 



7.Blend Tuscan: Unfiltered


9.Certification COOC  

10. Very High Polyphenol in chemistry

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