Back to reality!

We hear that the "gold" and "best in show" stickers will be arriving soon! Plaques are being engraved. When they arrive we have a special place on our wall, waiting just for them!

But right now......

Trees need tending.

It was a beautiful day. We grabbed our hoes and gloves and set off for the olive trees. The new trees have no canopy yet, so we need to weed around their base, so the sunlight and water can help them grow to be big!
Today we had some company as we worked.
This is Spaz, our granddaughters' kitten, who is just learning about the great outdoors. He thinks he is tougher than The Golden Girls (Kendal's two chickies that help with keeping the olive trees bug free.)
Next to make an appearance, was a baby rattler. No picture of him today! Because it is still cool out, he was a bit sluggish. That won't last, and we need to be aware as we work outside.

Perhaps we will get some rain this week, which would be great. 

Until next time, keep savoring our award winning EVOO!
Myrna &Richard

P.S. Buy California certified extra virgin olive oil to ensure that you have purchased an authentic, healthy product. Look for the COOC seal when shopping for extra virgin olive oil. The COOC seal is your guarantee of extra virgin olive oil produced in California & means quality and freshness!

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