Weed By Weed

April showers bring........WEEDS! No doubt about that, here at San Miguel Olive Farm!

But we are in the "tackling" mood, and so with tools in hand, we head down to the farm to the young trees that are being choked by the colorful "Vetch." Every day we head down to the farm to the new trees that being choked by the colorful "Vetch!!!" :), plus numerous and sundry other hearty weeds.

This tree has just breathed a sigh of "Thank You!"
As we weed, we are noticing even the young trees are starting to bud.

It won't be long before we see evidence of the first fruit of the season!

In the meantime, the "one armed hoer" chops away.....
and his partner in weeding takes a rest with one of the Golden Girls.

We'll keep weeding, and you keep savoring our San Miguel Olive Farm EVOO!

Richard & Myrna

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